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Making someone’s back and/or joint pain better in a treatment room is easy. But if their pain returns by the time they get to their car, you really haven’t achieved anything.

My goal is to teach people what to do when they are NOT in the treatment room to make themselves feel better. And what not to do. Thus promote healing. Make an appointment today to start getting back to living your life.


Tommy Williamson
“How can I use exercise to reduce pain when I hurt so badly?"

“Exercise“ for the treatment of back pain has to be one of the most misunderstood concepts in health care.  A legitimate question is “how can I exercise when I hurt so badly“. 

Studies through the years have compared “exercise“  with a variety of other treatments, including bed rest and NSAIDs. But in all of the previous studies exercise was not standardized.  In some of the studies the exercise was riding a bike. In others it was walking on a treadmill. And in others it was “core strengthening exercises”.

When MDTs (McKenzie Method Therapists), such as myself, use an exercise for the treatment of back pain, we evaluate the patient and choose the exercise that either decreases the intensity of the pain or moved it closer to the spine.  Research is very clear that if you can “centralize“ the symptoms, then you are doing the correct exercise to abolish your pain. It has been proven that different people need to do different exercises for the same pain (read more about that here).

So if you have been having leg and/or back pain, or arm and/or neck pain, make an appointment now and I'll teach you how to manage your pain yourself! (And remember, all sessions are $50- no insurance co-pays, deductibles or physician referral needed.)



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Learn how to manage pain through exercise.

What do I mean when I say "remove the irritants"?

The one thing that I didn’t learn in PT school that has become invaluable to me is:


“If you find out what makes your pain better and what makes it worse, and do more of what makes it better and less of what makes it worse, then you give your body it’s best environment to heal itself.”

That’s what I mean by removing the irritants.



Tommy Williamson