Why no insurance? 

Our office is cash only- no insurance accepted.

By not accepting insurance, I can keep my fees close to or below most copays/coinsurances. The preauthorizations, authorizations, pre-certifications, recertifications, managed care negotiations, billing and rebilling and denials take hours upon end and contributes to more than 50% of the cost of medical care.

The burden of payment has slowly been shifted from the insurance companies to the patient.  

Their new approach is to have a "copayment", meaning that you have to meet your deductible before the copay kicks in. With today's higher deductibles, this can make the coinsurance quite high. 

I think that if you remove the non-patient care employees, and take the insurance companies out of the picture, rehab can be reasonable and affordable.

Combine that with the effectiveness of MDT and the fact that you can do most of your therapy at home and we can save you time, money and get you back to where you want to be quicker and in most cases, cheaper.


Flat fee per visit


(yep, it's that simple.)